The Cherry Tree Beads Story

Cherry Tree Beads was founded by Bill Edwards in 2002, in Evinston Florida. Bill started selling beads on Ebay and doing trade shows, where he met Jennifer Fulton and they started working together in 2007. In 2008 the website was launched and we begin offering trunk shows for bead stores. In 2012 Jennifer and her husband Mitchell Baynard purchased Cherry Tree Beads and run Cherry Tree's offices out of Asheville, NC.

Jennifer has always had a passion for beads. She was making jewelry by age 8 and selling her jewelry in boutiques by 16. She went on to study Marketing at UNCA and worked at a local bead shop while in college. Jenn and Bill travel to China several times a year to bring you the latest and greatest in beads and jewelry making supplies. Jennifer is thrilled to be able to add her experienced designers eye to the business, giving Cherry Tree Beads a unique edge.