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Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper Beads & Ocean Jasper Pendants

Ocean Jasper is only found in northwestern Madagascar and unfortunately it is no longer being mined. We are lucky to have some of the last rough stock available so don't miss your chance to own this stone!
This stone is a beautiful orbicular jasper that comes in almost every color you can imagine, containing an array of patterns and designs that look like layers. Ocean Jasper formed as a rhyolitic igneous rock, rich in silica. As the lava cooled, the silica precipitated out of the magma, forming little spherical inclusions. These little spheres are seen as a “full circle” in healing reminding one to put out what they would like to get back. Ocean Jasper is very grounding when used on the base chakra and helps one to connect with the earth. It also helps in communication and conveying ideas effectively.
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