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Soapstone Beads

Carved Soapstone Beads

Soapstone, also known as Steatite, is a type of metamorphic rock largely made of talc. It's softness gave it the name Soapstone and makes it ideal for carvings. Evidence has been found that Native Americans used Soapstone, also a heat resistant stone, to carve out bowls, cooking slabs, pipes, and ornate beads nearly 8,000 year ago. During the Stone Age, the early people of Scandinavia discovered it could also be used to carve out molds for knife blades and spearheads, which led to the beginning of the Bronze Age.
Soapstone's color range is a mix of earthy creams, greys, greens, and browns which can be intensified when coated. It is believed to create positive energy and soothe the wearer while bringing balance during life's changes. It is also known to aid the digestive system, improve skin rashes, and relieve allergies.

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