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Kyanite derives from the Greek word kuanos sometimes referred to as “kyanos,” meaning deep blue. Kyanite is valuable in the industrial world for heat resistance, used in high refractory porcelain, refractory bricks, mortars, kiln furniture and foundry molds, in the auto and railroad industries it is used for brake shoes, grinding wheels and cutting disks, and in the standard porcelain of dentures, sinks and bathroom fixtures. Kyanite crystals that are highly transparent and attractive in color can be cut into cabochon and faceted gemstones, and are considered to be “exotic” gems. Kyanite inspires loyalty and fair treatment to others. It promotes good communication, bridging the gap between different beliefs and ideas, and encourages self-expression and speaking one’s truth. It sharpens communication skills, and is particularly helpful when answering questions, or when there is a need to improvise. Kyanite is particularly stimulating to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, expanding communication and psychic awareness on all levels.