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Jet Stone Beads

Jet Stone

Jet is similar to coal but is harder and more durable. It is a fossilized wood from the Araucania, which was a conifer tree from the Jurassic period, about 180 million years ago! Jet is a black, or sometimes very dark brown, stone that is primarily made of carbon. You can sometimes see a slight wood grain or pyrite inclusions. It has been called "black amber" as it can also be warm to the touch and become electrically charged if rubbed with a cloth, just like amber.

Jet stones have the power to release anger, grief, fear, and depression by bringing these feelings to the surface and forcing you to deal with them so that the healing may begin. It is something of an energetic filter cleansing negativity and alleviating emotional pain. It is also recommended to women in their first trimester to help them deal with the fear and anxiety of miscarriage. Holding and meditating with Jet stones can clear these feelings away.

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