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Chrysocolla Beads & Chrysocolla Pendants

Chrysocolla is a minor ore of copper. The name comes from the Greek chrysos “gold,” and kola “glue,” due to being used as a soldering agent for gold, used by philosopher Theophrastus in 315 BC. In ancient Egypt, Chrysocolla was widely known as the “wise stone” as it was thought to be able to shield the mind during times of negotiation. It was also believed to be able to reduce violent actions and to increase sensitivity, which is why Cleopatra was known to have worn Chrysocolla jewelry. Among Native Americans, it is known for its ability to strengthen resistance and promote feelings of calmness in place of emotional turmoil. Traditionally, Chrysocolla is a stone of peace, said to alleviate fear, guilt, and nervous tension. It is thought to crystalize feelings of love, acceptance, and tolerance. It is favored by many singers and musicians. Chrysocolla is primarily known as a stone of communication, and is therefore associated with the throat chakra.

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