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Brass Component Earrings

Brass Component Earrings

  • Brass 35mm Hammered Agogo Earring Components
  • Brass 35x46mm Hammered Triangle Agogo Earring Components
  • Brass 20mm, 36mm, 44mm, and 54mm Hoop Link Components
  • Brass 13x18mm Triangle Drop Components
  • Brass 11mm Coin Drop Components
  • Brass 2x40mm Round Bar Drop Components
  • Brass 1x35mm Round Bar Link Components
  • Brass 2.5mm Faceted Rounded Cube Spacer Beads
  • Vintage Bronze Colored Pewter 1.5x5mm Daisy Spacer Beads
  • Brass 16mm Ear Wire with Coil
  • Vintage Bronze Colored Brass 6mm Soldered Closed Jump Rings (snipped)
  • 22 Gauge Vintage Bronze Plated Copper Wire

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