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Artisan Strands Bumpy Glass Pearls Ceramic and Porcelian Cloisonne Crystal Beads
Bumpy Glass Pearl Jewelry

Bumpy Glass Pearls

Our 8 inch strands of Bumpy Glass Pearls are a fun, affordable bead that will add texture and color to any design. These beads are made with a glass round center and sprayed with a durable, textured enamel. We will continue to carry the most popular sizes, 10mm & 14mm, but will no longer be ordering the 12mm and 16mm size Bumpy Glass Pearls.

Download order sheet: Bumpy Glass Order Form (Excel)
Bumpy Glass Order Form (Adobe PDF)
Ceramic and Porcelian Beads

Ceramic and Porcelian Beads

Our Ceramic Beads are chunky and funky with beautiful earthy glazes. The color names we chose were inspired by nature as we feel these beads were made to celebrate it! We offer a unique assortment of shapes that we hope will jump start your creativity.

The Porcelian Rounds are reminiscent of a proper cup of tea. We just love their delicate and sweet flower patterns. The ovals are so fun with their splatter paint style that we know you are going to love them!


glass crystal strands

Crystal Beads

Our Grade “A” Crystal beads are beautiful, affordable and re-orderable! These crystals have quickly become our best seller to bead stores and designers alike. They are machine cut glass, making them a great substitute for Swarovski crystals at a much lower price! Our re-orderable line consists of 18 shapes, that are each available in 21 amazing colors.

Order sheet for
Crystal Sets A and B (small & medium sizes):

Crystal Order Form - Sets A & B (Excel)
Crystal Order Form - Sets A & B(pdf)
Order sheet for
Crystal Set C (large size):
Crystal Order Form - Set C (Excel)
Crystal Order Form - Sets C (pdf)
Crystal Pave Czech Glass Enameled Beads Fimo-Polymer Clay Gemstone Beads
crystal pave beads

Crystal Pave

We offer several styles of Crystal Pave Beads including metal, polymer clay (Fimo), large hole, and shaped beads.

Metal Pave Beads

Our metal based pave beads are made from a solid brass casting. The casting is polished, plated in one of several finishes, and then covered in crystals. These crystals are hand place, one at a time, into the casting to create a beautiful pave bead. These beads will add a substantial weight and feel to your designs that your customers will love!

Fimo Pave Beads

Our polymer clay (Fimo) pave beads are a very light alternative to our metal pave beads. These beads weigh very little but add a beautiful sparkle to any piece. The polymer clay is dyed to match the crystal color adding more color to your designs.

Large Hole Pave Beads

Our large hole pave beads are a much less expensive variety of these pretty beads. They have fewer crystals then our other designs but still will add shine to your designs. These beads have a 5mm hole and will fit many rope style bracelets.

Pave Crosses

We carry several styles of pave crosses. Many are contoured to make them more comfortable on the wrist if designing a bracelet. We try to find the nicest quality crosses available.

Enameled Beads
Enameled Beads

Fimo-Polymer Clay

Gemstone Beads

Glass Beads Glass Pearls Handmade Beads Handmade Glass Beads Large Hole Beads
Handmade Beads
Handmade Beads
Murano Style Lampwork Glass
handmade lampwork glass beads

Handmade Glass Beads

Our line of handmade lampwork glass beads is manufactured in China and is an affordable version of the Venetian Lampwork beads. We receive a new shipment of lampwork glass almost every month with the newest shapes and patterns available on the market. Please make sure you order enough strands to complete your project as we may not have the same strand in stock again.

Large Hole Beads

Metal Beads Natural Beads Resin Beads Rubber Coated Glass Beads Sea Glass
Base Metal Bead - 8 inch strands

Pewter Beads

Our pewter line is available in 4 plated finishes - antique silver, vintage copper, gold, and gun metal. These metal beads and findings are zinc based and certified lead and nickel free. Almost all the base metal/pewter products on the market today are zinc based. Most vendors sell these as pewter and it is an accepted practice to do so even though pewter is technically tin and lead.

These are a great alternative to .925 Sterling Silver, Hill Tribe/Thai beads, and the handmade Bali beads and findings which have all increased in price over the last several years. Our Base Metal beads and findings are cast in China and are a very versatile product. While they do not have the same detail as a handmade bead from Bali, they are a great substitute at an affordable price.

**Also, please tell your customers that this metal may change color or peel when coming into contact with hair spray**

Resin Beads

Our line of Resin comes in 14 fun shapes, each available in 10 bright colors. We’ve ordered mainly larger sized, flat shapes that are perfect for stamping. Use a stamp and your favorite colored ink to make beautiful, one-of-a-kind beads and pendants. The resin is also made from a light enough material that it can easily be drilled to create interesting textures or you can drill more holes to create new designs with wire. These are fun beads that, with a little imagination, can be used to create beautiful, fun, and light weight jewelry.

Rubber Coated Glass Beads
Rubber Coated Glass Beads
Cultured Sea Glass Beads
Sea Glass Beads

Cultured Sea Glass Beads

Hand-made matte glass with sea glass finishing

These beautiful cultured sea glass beads are made of recycled glass material, hand-made into matte glass with sea glass finishing to mimic the natural beauty of sea glass. Some shapes are simple round spacers while others require additional hand processing to create that natural nugget or freeform shape. The colors are gorgeous and versitile. We have been hard pressed to choose a favorite!

Download order sheet: Sea Glass Order Form (Excel)
Sea Glass Order Form (PDF)

Shell Pearls Team Color Beads Tibetan Beads and Bells
Shell Pearls

Shell Pearls

These gorgeous Shell Pearls come with regular sized holes or large sized holes (2.5mm) and are strung on 8 inch strands. We love the soft, beautiful color mixes.

Team Color Beads

Welcome to the section of our website we dedicate to the sports fans of the world (and their stylish companions who may just be along for the party!). We have done our best to put together color combinations that make ordering and designing simple and hassel free. You can count on us to add more interesting combinations as we find them.

For now, our focus is mainly on teams in the Southeast. If you have other needs, let us know! We'd love to help you support your favorite team.

Tibetan Beads
Tibetan Beads

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