Trunk Shows

It’s Easier Than Ever to Host a Trunk Show with Cherry Tree Beads!!!

  • Design your own trunk show: Choose a Standard show or pick from over 80 products.
  • Fill out and return our Contract.
  • Advertise! Utilize social media, local paper or radio. We have found show profits are greater when advertising has been done.
  • Upon arrival of trunk show: Unpack, Inventory and Report miscounts. Display and sell for 2 weeks.
  • At the end of your show: Inventory and use spreadsheet to calculate totals. Profits split 50/50. Pack and send back.

Need more information….? Please click here for Trunk Show Basics/FAQ’s.

To host a trunk show the following is needed:

Our trunk show calendar fills up quickly. Please contact us to book your show today!
Office - 828-581-0500

To view a standard show list click below. (Pdf files available upon request.)

Standard Show
Small Standard Show
New Products Trunk Show
Best Sellers Trunk Show
Crystal Trunk Show
Beach Themed Trunk Show

Add these hot new items to your trunk show!!!