8" Strand Sets

Through the years, we have worked with our sources to develop affordable, re-orderable, 8” strand sets designed specifically for bead stores. These sets were created to offer bead stores consistent, re-orderable, quality products at a great low price. We’ve chosen to have them strung in 8” strands, as opposed to the traditional 16” strand, to create a lower price point and thus making an easier sale.

All of our 8” strands have a loop at the top to make hanging quick and easy, while also creating a neat and attractive wall display. An 8” stand also allows you to display more products in less space, giving your customers a selection they’ll love. Each variety comes grouped on a hook, making them “ready to hang” right out of the box. All 8” sets have re-order sheets to make ordering fast and easy.

All 8" strands have a loop at the top for easy hanging

All full hanks are shipped with 10 strands on a shower curtain hook

When purchasing an entire 8” set, each variety comes with 10 strands per hank. We are also happy to sell less than a hank per variety. Please indicate on your order sheet the number of strands you wish to purchase. If purchasing less than a hank of 10 strands per variety, we can’t guarantee that they’ll be grouped by hook.

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