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Chemical Composition: Si 02+Fe
Hardness: >7
Colors: Pale violet to deep purples - iron inclusions, may also have white
Location: Brazil, Morocco, Mexico, Western Australia, and Uruguay

History and Legend:

  • First described by Theophrastus in 315 B.C., the name "amethyst" is thought to have come from "amethustos", Greek for non-inebriated. It was believed that having amethyst on your person would prevent the wearer from becoming intoxicated, homesick, and of having evil thoughts.
  • Considered a gemstone of integrity in ancient Egypt, amethyst was worn by soldiers so not to lose their courage during battle.
  • In parts of Northern Africa, amethyst is considered to be a rain making gemstone.
  • Known in Tibet as the "Stone of Buddha", amethyst is often used for prayer beads.
  • In the Old Testament, amethyst was one of the 12 stones in the breast plate of the Jewish High Priest.
  • The Christian church considered amethyst a gem of purity and was also associated with Bishops.
  • In India, Buddhist monks use amethyst to facilitate meditation.
  • Amethyst is the birthstone of February.
  • It has been suggested that to prevent nightmares, amethyst may be placed under your pillow while you sleep.